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ZAGG launches AppleCare alternative with fixed fees and used device coverage for iPhones

ZAGG launches AppleCare alternative with fixed fees and used device coverage for iPhones

Categories: Financial
Posted: February 06, 2022

ZAGG is out with its latest launch today looking to improve the experience of protecting iPhones (and other smartphones). With its AppleCare alternative called ZAGG Protect, three features stand out: a fixed $49 deductible, coverage for liquid damage, and the ability to cover new and used iPhones alike.

ZAGG is entering the smartphone protection market with the goal of offering a “simple, reliable plan to protect your phone better.”

ZAGG Protect runs a flat $99/year – and is offering an enticing $75 ZAGG credit with purchase through the end of February (perfect to pick up a mophie or other great ZAGG accessory).

While AppleCare deductibles start at $29 for screen damage, the fees can go up to $99. ZAGG Protect is keeping its deductible fixed at $49 and also includes protection for water damage. Another advantage of ZAGG’s protection plan is the ability to enroll old/used iPhones and other smartphones.

Here are some of the main repairs covered by ZAGG:

  • Cracked or damaged screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery failure (does not include end-of-life batteries)
  • Power failures (charging shorts, internal connections) after manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Touch screen failure
  • Camera breaks or failure
  • Headphone jack or input failures
  • Audio/speaker failure
  • Wi-Fi or connectivity failure
  • Bluetooth failure

One thing to keep in mind, ZAGG Protect doesn’t include coverage for loss or theft.

Check out how ZAGG says its new plan compares to AppleCare and others below and learn more about ZAGG Protect here.

ZAGG Protect looks like a solid value as long as you’re okay with a couple of things.

First, like SquareTrade and Asurion, you’re good with having service and replacements provided through a third-party, not Apple. In ZAGG’s case, they’ve partnered with Safeware (which has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating). Second, you don’t need/want loss or theft protection.

And if a $75 ZAGG credit is useful for you, you’re effectively paying $25 for a year of iPhone coverage, which is certainly tough to beat.

ZAGG Protect will also be compelling for those with an iPhone that’s out of the AppleCare eligibility window.

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