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'Uncharted 5' Could Still Be Made, According To Naughty Dog

'Uncharted 5' Could Still Be Made, According To Naughty Dog

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Posted: January 28, 2022

"Uncharted 5" remains a possibility, according to renowned developer Naughty Dog

This claim was made right within the release window for "Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection" for the PS5, which prompted questions about the future of one of PlayStation's most iconic franchises.

According to TechRadar, "Legacy Of Thieves" creative director Shaun Escayg mentioned that a fifth "Uncharted" installment is pretty much on the table, with Escayg using the term "never say never."

He then went on to say that the franchise is a very beloved one in the studio, saying that it's a world they "want to see more of." This basically puts "Uncharted" on track for a release on what could possibly be its third PlayStation console generation.

The series began with its PS3 debut in 2007, which continued until the PS4 era with the critically acclaimed "Among Thieves," which released in 2016. It was followed by a standalone expansion titled "Lost Legacy" a year later.

However, hopes for "Uncharted 5" basically fizzled out when original series creator Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog two years before "Among Thieves" was released, as per the original TechRadar report.

But until the fifth game in the long-running series is made (which will likely be a PS5 exclusive), Sony and Naughty Dog will have to focus on another medium for now: film.

For the unaware, an "Uncharted" movie is scheduled to launch this year, starring Tom Holland as a much-younger Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as a still-strappingly spry Sully. Quite interestingly, it comes to theaters on the same exact day that another big Sony PlayStation exclusive, "Horizon Forbidden West," is releasing for the PS4 and PS5.

Rounding Up 'Uncharted 5' Rumors

There wasn't a lot of confidence that the beloved PlayStation-exclusive franchise would return after "Among Thieves" and "Lost Legacy." As previously mentioned, they have lost their original creator to other ventures. But that didn't stop the rumor mill from putting somebody else's name forward.

According to GamesRadar, rumors were saying that a fifth game was actually in the works, but it wasn't Naughty Dog helming it. It was allegedly Bend Studio, the ones that developed the open-world zombie romp "Days Gone."

Not a lot of people knew, but Bend Studios actually already developed an "Uncharted" title: "Golden Abyss," which GameRant says was released for the PlayStation Vita. Other than that, though, the rumors about Bend doing a fifth "Uncharted" game instead of original devs Naughty Dog were neither confirmed nor denied.

In The Immediate Future

So "Uncharted 5" could still be made. Great news, but it could be years away. So, it makes sense to look forward to the foreseeable future for the franchise, and there might be a few changes in direction.

For one, there were murmurs last year that Sony was planning to release "Uncharted 4" on PC with an unannounced release date. With just how former big-name PlayStation exclusives have been moving to PC lately (i.e. "Horizon Zero Dawn'' and "God Of War"), there is a possibility that this could happen.

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