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'The Witcher' Season 2 Makes 'Witcher 3' Player Counts Peak Once Again

'The Witcher' Season 2 Makes 'Witcher 3' Player Counts Peak Once Again

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Posted: January 04, 2022

"The Witcher" season 2 on Netflix just released to relatively positive reception, and it has once again made people want to play the "Witcher" games again--specifically "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." 

According to PCGamer, "Wild Hunt's" peak player count topped out at 71,000 concurrent players daily, which is the most players the game had since 2019-when the Netflix adaptation's first season released. 

Now, it seems like season 2 has renewed interest in CD Projekt Red's RPG opus once again. 


The 71,000-player figure is also among the highest the game has tallied since its launch peak number of over 92,000. However, things have started to die down a bit after some time has passed. 

According to the SteamCharts at the time of this writing, the game has had an average player count of over 27,500 over the last 30 days. This is slightly up from December's average of 25,127, which came right at the time when the live action series' second season launched. 

This wasn't really the first time that the Netflix series made gamers want to return to video game Geralt's adventures. Back during the release of the first season, "Witcher 3" player counts also peaked-but at a much more impressive 101,930 on January 1, 2020, according to a report by DualShockers. 

As you can tell, this number already overtook the peak concurrent player count during "Wild Hunt's" launch way back in 2015. 

However, the most recent record might be a bit conservative, considering "Witcher 3" is out on a lot more platforms now. 

Aside from the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One/Series consoles, and PC, the game is also available for the Nintendo Switch. The game also used to be available on Sony's PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, before ultimately being taken down. 

'The Witcher' Season 2: Giving Newfound Life To A Now Six-Year-Old Game 

Time goes by fast in the game industry, and most of the time, it won't be kind to games over two years old. But it hasn't been like that for "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" at all. 

As per the Steam Charts, the game has continuously enjoyed success during the time it's been out on the market-with average player counts never dipping below 5,000 in its over six-year history. The Netflix adaptation, while technically being based on the original "Witcher" books and not the games, has played a role in this success-even if it has been marred by a few issues and controversies. 

Season 1 had stellar fan reception, but received slightly sub-par reviews from critics due to its timeline-jumping structure. Season 2 is relatively better-reviewed, but a massive change to a fan-favorite character also got avid franchise fans up in arms. 

Still, the live action adaptation is clearly making fans miss experiencing the epic adventures of Geralt of Rivia-even series star Henry Cavill, who has admitted to replaying "Wild Hunt" on the hardest difficulty setting while filming the second season, as per GamesRadar. 

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