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Tesla Recall: Model S, Model X Suffers from Tearing Airbags; Safety Issues Persists

Tesla Recall: Model S, Model X Suffers from Tearing Airbags; Safety Issues Persists

Categories: Technology
Posted: November 19, 2021

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X's latest models have a persistent safety issue--tearing airbags--which have been seen with its vehicles. The clean energy company is now issuing a recall regarding this, aiming to focus the issue on most of the latest releases of the company this year, to avoid any unfortunate events. 

Tesla Model S, Model X Recall: Tearing Airbag Issues

Tesla has issued a new recall for Model S and Model X EVs from the company because of its known safety issues that the company has recently identified. The issue involves "tearing airbag" problems that have been observed by the company on its EVs, particularly in their latest releases. 

The recall is voluntary and came from Tesla themselves, aiming to have the car's airbags system replaced with a feature that would not deflate once deployed. 


According to the documents from Tesla, there are as many as 7.600 electric vehicles that the company is recalling, and it has been suspected to have the same airbags as the ones that failed during its launch. The recall will happen in the next year and will be completely free of charge if the vehicle is affected by this issue. 

A letter will be sent out to the owners by January 2022. 

Tesla Model S, Model X Recall

Tesla has a convenient search system that would identify if an owner's electric vehicle is included in the recall through. This system is on the company's website. Users need only to secure the car's 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get started via their website and identify any recall or need for a checkup regarding the EV. 

Tesla Safety of EVs

Tesla has been one of the safest cars that have been released in the vehicle industry today, and it has been highly regarded by different regulatory boards that test the integrity of the vehicles. The look on its autonomous driving features like the Autopilot and the FSD has shown that the car is safer with the feature than relying on human judgment when driving on the road. 

Tesla No Longer Safe?

Human errors are the number one cause for road accidents and hardware or software failure of vehicles comes in second. It has been regarded that one incident recently reported by the NHTSB has seen that the recent accident involving a Tesla has no reason to blame the electric vehicle, stating that it was indeed the driver's fault.

That being said, Tesla's EVs remain a highly safe vehicle with top regard for road safety and its systems that is to be used by the people driving the vehicle. The minor issues of the safety airbags having tears whenever deploying are indeed dangerous, but this recall is a good move from the EV company to avoid any casualties or problems in the future. 

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