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Tesla Model S, Plaid X Are the Best Car in the Lineup Says Elon Musk; Why Is That?

Tesla Model S, Plaid X Are the Best Car in the Lineup Says Elon Musk; Why Is That?

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Posted: January 10, 2022

Tesla's Model S and the Model X Plaid are the best cars in the current lineup of the clean energy company. Elon Musk confirmed this via Twitter, where he replied to a conversation that assures that these are the best the company has to offer now. Future releases are coming from Tesla, but these are yet to come from the company.

Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid are the Best Cars Now

A user from Twitter praised his Model S for the riding style it brings and the features it has on the vehicle, making their entire trip an enjoyable one.

The driver claimed that his car is the latest Model S from the clean energy company, and it brings some of the top-notch features like ventilated seats and adaptive air suspension that made the ride smooth.


The tweet got the attention of the big boss at Tesla, Elon Musk, to which he replied and confirmed that Model S and Plaid X are the best cars in the current lineup of the tech company. Musk is not one to claim things, but his statements are absolute when he does, especially as he remains the one who calls the shots over at Tesla.

Elon Musk: Tesla's Best Car Ever

Tesla's best car ever is not the new releases of the Model S and Model X Plaid. Arguably, Tesla has a lot of candidates that it can call the best car in the entire operation of the company.

One contender would be the Tesla Roadster that first saw the released to the world in 2006 and became its prototype. However, it could also be the first edition of the Model 3 that started its business as a manufacturer as people started noticing it and purchasing the vehicle.

Tesla: Future Releases

Tesla is still developing its electric vehicles in bringing some of the futuristic features that the world is yet to see and experience once they use the EVs that get clean energy. One of the improvements to come is the user interface upgrade (UI) that would come for the infotainment system of the vehicles after a user complained online.

It is also essential to know that the more affordable cars of Tesla will catch up in 2022, especially since the company revealed that it would feature the Model 3 and Model Y soon. The upgrade would bring new AMD chips and batteries for the EVs, particularly in the United States variants it would release.

No news regarding a global update of the cars surfaced alongside this reveal.

The Model S and Model X Plaid may be the best cars Tesla has to date, but that does not mean the company will stop there and remain with those EVs. Future releases will improve the cars or bring their better versions as technology evolves and changes through the years.

Current times are now progressive and changing, not settling into what is known as the "best."

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