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New Avatar 2 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Released

New Avatar 2 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Released

Categories: Entertainment
Posted: December 16, 2021

Director James Cameron has shared photos from the upcoming Avatar sequels for a recently-published Entertainment Weekly interview. As Avatars 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all on their way--and together they cost $1 billion to produce--this is our first look at what $250 million on the screen in a single sequel looks like.

In one of the newly-released photos, Cameron stands next to Edie Falco's General Ardmore in the flight deck of a dragon gunship from the first movie. The photos also offer a look at the sequel's ambitious underwater performance capture scenes. Check out the new photos from Avatar 2 below.

By September 2020, Avatar 2 wrapped filming, and filming is reportedly coming to a close on Avatar 3 now. These and the upcoming sequels subsequently all endured considerable delays both due to the pandemic and also because the the films required "years of technological research and months of training actors to hold their breath for lengths that would impress even a Navy SEAL."

For what it's worth, Cameron sees these sequels as a massive gamble only made possible because Avatar "made so much damn money… it's kind of crazy." Added Cameron in the profile, "Big, expensive films have got to make a lot of money. We're in a new world post-COVID, post-streaming. Maybe those [box office] numbers will never be seen again. Who knows? It's all a big roll of the dice."

Avatar 2 is expected to be in theaters on December 16, 2022.

Avatar: Everything We Know So Far About The Highly Anticipated Sci-Fi Sequels

Avengers: Endgame might currently stand as the biggest movie all time, but it took an entire decade for the previous holder of that record to be toppled. James Cameron's Avatar hit theaters in December 2009 and proceeded to smash box office records, bringing in a total of $2.7 billion worldwide. It was both a technological groundbreaker and a cultural phenomenon, and soon after, Cameron started talking about his plans for not one but several sequels.

But a decade later, the first Avatar sequel is yet to be released. The film's release date has been pushed back several times, and although it has had a set date for a while now, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the future release of all movies fairly uncertain, so there's a chance it might get moved again.

Nevertheless, more Avatar is definitely on the way, and while there's plenty of mystery about the movies, we do know quite a bit in terms of the cast and the setting. So here's everything we know to date about the Avatar sequels.

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