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Netflix Tudum is a News Website from the Company That Would Bring You a ‘Backstage Pass,’ Exclusive Info, and MORE

Netflix Tudum is a News Website from the Company That Would Bring You a ‘Backstage Pass,’ Exclusive Info, and MORE

Categories: Games & Netflix
Posted: December 10, 2021

Netflix brings a news website called "Tudum" to get all the latest scoop, exclusive information, new developments, updates, and more for its series, movies, and games in production. The company's new website would bring fans what they need the most and obtain additional information with it that would complete the fan experience.

Netflix Tudum News Website: Exclusive and Latest Scoop in One Platform

Netflix Tudum is a news entertainment website that doubles as a fact or trivia database where people can find the latest information or scoop regarding their favorite show. Also, the website offers a chance for people to search the platform for any information regarding the story or lore of the shows available on Netflix.

It would be mainly for those that Netflix made initially.

The streaming company's Twitter account has broken the news to the public, inviting them to visit the website and learn about the latest news, information, and fanbase trivia for all of what it offers. However, it does provide more as it is practically a "backstage pass" that would give the users a chance to look into different productions, sets, interviews, and more.

Netflix Tudum Brings an All the Latest Gossip and Info for All Shows

Tudum is best known for the sound of Netflix every time it is launched on the computer or television, also providing an opening billboard for whenever a new show or episode comes on. However, now it is more than a sound effect as it would bring all the latest gossip and information from shows that fans have been closely following.

The scoops on Tudum will bring more information from external sources as their information comes internally, all exclusive for its fans and subscribers.

Netflix to Soon Become a Media Conglomerate?

Netflix has been a hit streaming application that has been popular even before this pandemic but has gained more popularity as people went to streaming platforms as their sources for entertainment and media. The likes of "League of Legends Arcane" and other titles have made Netflix one of the top regarded platforms this year, and that is not all that they can give.

However, the movies or series were not the only focus of Netflix during these times, mainly as the company has recently launched its "Netflix Games" platform accessible via the mobile app. The massive reach of Netflix transcends its many offers to the public, including other apps under its tutelage.

From a media and entertainment source to being an entertainment news website, Netflix has it all. No wonder it is one of the top streaming companies and a rising conglomerate if it wants to be. The company considers itself an entertainment company that focuses on bringing a seamless streaming experience, something about the change soon as it grows.

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