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Mosyle debuts ‘Admin On-Demand’ as a new way for IT teams to manage local admin rights on macOS

Mosyle debuts ‘Admin On-Demand’ as a new way for IT teams to manage local admin rights on macOS

Categories: Technology
Posted: February 01, 2022

Mosyle now has more than 10,000 business customers and helps 30,000 organizations manage millions of devices every day. across its customer base. Today, the company is introducing a new Privileged Access Management solution for macOS IT admins that enables users to run at lower account priority and only access administrator functionality when needed.

Coming fully integrated with Mosyle’s suite of Apple MDM and security solutions, the new ‘”Admin On-Demand” platform includes threat prevention and usability in mind for businesses using Apple devices at work, home, or in a hybrid environment.

“Privileged accounts are the pie-in-the-sky targets for hackers because once a device is compromised, they gain the ability to perform all actions available to an admin, such as adding or managing other users, accessing files, installing apps and more,” said Alcyr Araujo, founder and CEO at Mosyle. “Protecting privileged accounts is especially challenging for SMBs due to limited budgets and lack of IT resources, and most solutions available on the market today are expensive and difficult to manage. Admin On-Demand is a perfect match for SMBs and enterprises because it’s scalable, simple to deploy, and easy to use.”

The vision behind Admin On-Demand is automated to eliminate the time-consuming process of managing and securing privileged accounts on macOS. IT teams can rest assured that device users can operate normally with reduced permissions. When employees need to perform a certain task on their Mac that requires admin privileges, they are a click away from becoming an admin for a short time. When the employee no longer needs admin access, Admin On-Demand automatically revokes the admin rights and sends the IT team a log of actions performed by the user during the Admin elevation.

Mosyle Admin On-Demand is available today through Mosyle Fuse.

Running as a non-admin user is an easy way to streamline security on macOS. The challenge is that macOS needs admin rights at multiple points during a typical day. Admin On-Demand seems like a model that Apple could model future macOS security upgrades around.

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