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Microsoft Edge Price Tracking Feature, Password Leak Assistance to Soon Debut for Browser

Microsoft Edge Price Tracking Feature, Password Leak Assistance to Soon Debut for Browser

Categories: Technology
Posted: November 19, 2021

Microsoft Edge has a price tracking feature that would help users shop during the holidays, as well as anytime they wish to, as it is coming as a newly added function in the browser. However, it does not stop there as the company also wants to help users identify if their password has been compromised, then helping to generate a more secure password for the user. 

Microsoft Edge New Features: Price Tracking for Online Shopping

Microsoft has given a massive revelation earlier today, and it is with its Microsoft Edge browser that focused on bringing new features that would help in the ease of use and security it has. One of the first features that the Edge has now is the price tracking function that can look into e-commerce websites and monitor any changes like price, either a reduction or a hike. 

The feature is useful, especially as the holidays are nearing and people are looking more into the purchase of their gifts to themselves, friends, or family members who are in their cart and aiming to checkout soon. Additionally, the feature needs no other extensions or signups, as it would be under the browser's feature and user's account. 


Microsoft Edge New Features: Password Leak Assistant

However, this is not the last feature from the Redmond software giant, as it would bring password leak assistance that could help from the start-up to the finish. First off, it would help in determining if one's saved password on the browser has been compromised. Next, it would suggest a user change their password with an encrypted, generated one for security and privacy

Microsoft Edge: Is it Good?

Microsoft Edge is a browser that has been making echoes in the tech landscape for a long time now, especially as it aims to debut a platform that would compete with rivals in the industry. The Edge browser is a predecessor to the Internet Explorer, but a lot has been attributed that the new Microsoft browser is better than the past. 

The new Microsoft Browser has been high compared to the popular Google Chrome, especially as both are known to be Chromium-based with their releases of the browser. The Edge browser has taken the crown of Google Chrome, especially as the company has proven different tests that it is the better browser than its competitor.

In terms of security and safety, Edge also has a massive fighting chance to go against rivals and threats that loom over the device or browsing history of the user. That being said, Edge is now a browser that can be considered by users whenever using a Windows OS device, especially as it is greatly integrated into the software company's devices.

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