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Meta To Remove Facebook, Instagram From Europe—Saying Data Sharing is Needed for Services To Continue

Meta To Remove Facebook, Instagram From Europe—Saying Data Sharing is Needed for Services To Continue

Categories: Financial
Posted: February 08, 2022

Meta is now warning Europeans that Facebook and Instagram will stop operating in the country if they won't allow them to conduct data sharing activities.

The tech giant firm is still criticized because of its data tracking and sharing activities since experts claim that these habits can compromise users' privacy. 

Now, Meta released an annual report on why it considers removing Facebook and IG from the country. 

"If we are restricted from sharing data among our products andservices, it could affect our ability to provide our services," said Meta via its yearly report

Meta To Remove Facebook, Instagram From Europe

According to Mashable's latest report, data sharing is essential for Meta. This allows the tech firm to allow its services, especially FB and IG, to be fully functional. 

Meta added that the ability to share and consume user data is important for its targeted advertisement business, which is one of the company's main sources of revenue. 

One of the things that Meta points out is the Privacy Shield data transfer framework in Europe, which allowed it to send user data between the United States and other European Union. 

However, this system was deemed invalid back in July 2020. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) was the one that rejected the data framework. 

Now, Meta is threatening the country regarding its strict rules when it comes to sharing user data across Europe and the U.S.  

Meta Still Optimistic About the Issue

Although the tech giant manufacturer already threatened Europe, it is still quite optimistic regarding their relationship.

Meta said that it still believes that they will reach new agreements before 2022 ends, which will benefit both of them. But the company clarified that if their connection does not end well, Instagram and Facebook will definitely be pulled out from the country. 

In other news, Meta's $10 billion revenue loss is a sign that Facebook is spending too much on its next stage of growth. Meanwhile, Facebook failed to provide free internet service. 

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