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Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX EV Debuts As Highly Efficient, Long-Range Luxury Car; Better than Tesla?

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX EV Debuts As Highly Efficient, Long-Range Luxury Car; Better than Tesla?

Categories: Autos
Posted: January 04, 2022

Mercedes Benz officially debuted its VISION EQXX electric vehicle that focuses on long-range capabilities, luxury, comfort, and style efficiency. The famous German manufacturer brings a beast that can drive 620 miles worth of range, and this is not a vehicle that people see every day, something that could give Tesla a run for its money. 

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX: Officially Debuts Now

Mercedes Benz announced earlier today from Stuttgart, Germany, the company's production center and headquarters, that the VISION EQXX is officially unveiled to the public. The vehicle came in close covers last 2021, as the company maintained the mystery of the new high-range and luxury electric vehicle it aims to debut. 

The German manufacturer aims for the VISION EQXX to be the most efficient Mercedes car ever built, and it can effectively do 100 kilometers by only using up 10kWh. The numbers are impressive from the company, and it gives an idea of the vehicle's actual performance, especially in the hands of real-life users or its customers. 

Mercedes Benz VISION EQXX Specs, Features

The VISION EQXX is a "software-driven" electric car that focuses more on the road and on the trip instead of its other engineering processes. However, this is not necessarily bad as the electric vehicle aims to bring an electric car that people can enjoy while driving in long journeys. 

The Mercedes EV brings a total of 620 miles of range, featuring aerodynamic engineering on its body, as well as a mix of 3D printed materials all over.

Mercedes Benz vs. Popular EVs Now

One of the earliest Mercedes EVs is the EQS, and it comes with a 56-inch infotainment system that displays on almost every inch of the vehicle's dashboard. The EV brings the largest display there ever is on a car, and it is something that Mercedes Benz wants to get to the market: Its unique features that make them popular nowadays.

The year 2022 also marks Mercedes Benz is bringing nothing but one of the most immersive audio technology in the market today, the Dolby Atmos. The feature would be all over its vehicles, powering its audio systems to play nothing but the best output it can bring to the car. 

Tesla does not have a luxurious vehicle to now match Mercedes' VISION EQXX. The former focuses on affordability for its EVs by providing a classy feel to the car. However, if it is something that screams efficiency and luxury all-around, it would have to be the new VISION EQXX from Mercedes. 

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