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Huawei has managed to maintain a big user loyalty

Huawei has managed to maintain a big user loyalty

Categories: Technology
Posted: September 11, 2021

There is no particular need to retell the story of the ban of Huawei, which began in 2019 and in the end, the United States managed to hurt the company. The mobile segment is floundering as best it can in the hope that the situation will change for the better. And it seems that the company still has a solid army of loyal fans and they will take happy for the full return of Huawei.

Phonearena conducted a survey to find out how many users are willing to return to Huawei smartphones if Google services are returned to them. The resource offered to forget for a moment about the problems that befell the Chinese company and imagine that the sanctions have been lifted and Huawei smartphones offer all the delights of GSM Android.

It turned out that almost 70% would be happy to purchase a Huawei smartphone if it has Google applications and services. And this is a solid share of those who are sympathetic and loyal. Another 14.47% do not change companies and continue to use Huawei devices. Only a little less than 5% said no with confidence. About 11% are ready to consider buying a smartphone, subject to an adequate price offer.

Hopefully, Huawei will return to the game and ultimately benefit the industry as well as the competition in the smartphone market.


Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, despite actively promoting its own operating system Harmony OS 2.0; it recently announced a new EMUI shell for Android devices.

The new user interface is EMUI 12. It is designed using predominantly white, black and blue colors, which, it is noted, provides a clean, unified look.

The function of stepless adjustment of weight and font size has appeared. To select the desired display, just move the slider. In addition, quick access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, as well as audio playback options, is provided through the control panel; which can be invoked from any screen using a swipe gesture.

Improved security features. In Multi-screen Collaboration mode, you can unlock your smartphone by entering a password on your laptop. The Distributed File System tool makes it easy to view files in your phone memory through your laptop.

The MeeTime Video Call Transfer feature allows you to switch video calls between your smartphone; and the Huawei Vision smart screen. You can make voice calls and forward messages on your phone from the tablet screen.


So far, Huawei has not disclosed a timeline for the EMUI 12 add-on. It is also unclear which devices will receive this user interface.

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