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hoda sapphire Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 13/Pro/Max now 10% off

hoda sapphire Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 13/Pro/Max now 10% off

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Posted: October 03, 2021

Want to protect your new iPhone 13 screen without overpaying? Hoda Anti-Peeper Full Coverage Glass Screen Glass Screen Protector 5.4"/ 6.1"/ 6.7" with Helper for the new iPhones offer high-quality protection at an affordable price. Coming in multiple selection, these tempered glass screen protectors are effortless to install,【hoda YouTube】iPhone series:Easy Installation Tool Instruction offer an anti-fingerprint coating, full drop and scratch protection, work with and without cases, and more. Head below for a closer look and get 10% off now for a limited time.

The iPhone 13 lineup has what Apple says is its most durable display yet with its latest Ceramic Shield coating. However, that doesn’t mean they’re unbreakable. And instead of spending $40+ on a screen protector, what if you could get a premium glass screen protector for a fraction of the price?

The hoda sapphire Glass Screen Protectors offer mutiple solution for iPhone 13 series started just $19.99 for both iPhone 13 miniiPhone 13/Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max. And the high-quality tempered glass protectors feature a truly seamless installation that you can’t mess up.

hoda Sapphire iPhone 13 Glass Screen Protector features:

Along with the tempered glass screen protectors with helper and the integrated auto-alignment trays, you get wet and dry wipes, microfiber cloths, and dust removal stickers to make sure you get a perfect installation.

We tested out these screen protectors here at SuperSeller O2o and found the installation to be a breeze with zero air bubbles and a precise fit with all tools as given. We also tested out an iPhone 13 Pro with the hoda sapphire screen protector and it works great without a case, with Apple cases as well as third-party ones.

In use, we found the hoda Sapphire Glass Screen Protector to have an indistinguishable feel to the iPhone 13’s actual display and it’s so thin and clear that it practically disappears in day-to-day use. Started at $19.99 that you can’t beat the hoda sapphire screen protectors.

Buy Hoda Sapphire Screen Protectors for your iPhone 13

With Apple charging between $229 to $329 for a screen repair for the iPhone 13 mini to Pro Max, making a small investment in the hoda sapphire Glass Screen Protectors is something you won’t regret.

The hoda sapphire screen protector are available for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini, all at the same started at $19.99. And for 10% off, make sure to click the instant coupon on the hoda sapphire screen protector SuperSeller O2o listing.

*Please watch this video on YouTube before installation*


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