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Here are the best Apple Music playlists for your Christmas Eve

Here are the best Apple Music playlists for your Christmas Eve

Categories: Entertainment
Posted: December 25, 2021

Can you feel the Christmas magic in the air? Whether you’re preparing for a small gathering with your family members for Christmas eve or with a few friends, you can bring the joy of this holiday with special playlists curated by Apple Music editors.

Essential Christmas

Music has been an essential part of any holiday celebration for centuries. This playlist honors that history, collecting old chestnuts, new classics, and future sing-along staples to soundtrack your next Christmas. Trim the tree, open the presents, and serve up some eggnog as pop stars, hip-hop legends, rockers, and soul singers raise their voices.

All the way from Jingle Bell Rock to All I Want For Christmas Is You, the “Essential Christmas” Apple Music playlist is exactly what you need if you want something basic but at the same time make everyone sing. You can find it here.

Christmas Hits

Sure, holiday music is carols and chorales, Bing Crosby doing “White Christmas” and “Silent Night”; and all that good stuff. But it’s also about fresh takes on familiar moods: festive, giving, fun but a little reflective, too—a pause before the New Year to take stock of the one that just passed. Focusing on newer interpretations of the classics and more recent entries into the canon, here’s a playlist of holiday pop hits to keep you in the spirit.

If you’re up to something more groovy, you’ll find in this playlist famous artists from the modern generation singing original Christmas songs as well as the old ones that people love. You can find it here.

All I Want for Christmas Is Pop

As you put up the decorations, bake the cookies and wrap all the gifts, set the mood with a fun, festive soundtrack. This playlist has Christmas favourites for every age: legendary crooners and modern pop stars bring you heart-warming classics, fireside hymns, joyous anthems and Santa-inspired singalongs.

Maybe you only want a little of the Christmas joy. With this Apple Music playlist, you can combine the best of pop music with a few Christmas songs for this special time of the year. You can find it here.

Children’s Christmas

Not that your little ones need any extra motivation to get excited about Christmas, but you can push that unbridled enthusiasm to the next level with this kid-friendly seasonal soundtrack. Featuring classic wintry songs from pop legends, show tunes from beloved holiday films and cameos from favourite cartoon characters, this playlist will keep the cheery Christmas vibes flowing even after everyone’s ripped through all their presents.

And if you have lots of kids at home or your family is full of new babies, maybe you should play something for the little ones. With this Apple Music playlist, you’ll find more children-friendly songs but with a lot of energy as well. You can find it here.

Classical Christmas

The world’s greatest orchestras and choirs capture the season’s warmth and magic. While the timeless tale of a babe in a manger remains the same, it has inspired classical music’s finest composers to ever-inventive interpretations. Enjoy stately oratorios devoted to the nativity of Jesus, ballet music evoking Christmas Day enchantments and joyful operatic celebrations bringing welcome illumination to the dark days of winter. Hallelujah!

If you have more of a traditional family, maybe you can forget a bit about all that pop and focus on classical music. Enjoy all these great orchestras playing some joyful songs, which can be great while eating or taking a nap after all those delicious dishes. You can find it here.

Kisses on the Bottom

Last but never least, my personal favorite. Paul McCartney’s “Kisses on the Bottom” album. You may say: “But, José, this is not a Christmas album.” Indeed, it isn’t. But getting to hear Paul’s 2012 album with lots of his favorite songs as a kid as well as his original song “My Valentine,” just combines very well with the Christmas vibe. Maybe you should give it a chance by clicking here. And look at the album’s cover. Very Christmassy! 

You can also find more Christmas playlists on your “Browse” section of Apple Music. Merry Christmas, you all!

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