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'Grand Theft Auto 6' Could be 'Disappointing,' Warns Insider | 'We Can Be Really Worried'

'Grand Theft Auto 6' Could be 'Disappointing,' Warns Insider | 'We Can Be Really Worried'

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Posted: December 14, 2021

A "GTA 6" insider warned the fans about the upcoming franchise. Following the success of "Grand Theft Auto 5," Rockstar is expected to release its sequel which will present new features like unique maps and mechanics.

However, the notable leaker AccNGT revealed three important notes about the current phase of the adventure title. What does it mean for the fans and the whole franchise?

Leaker Says 'GTA 6' is Chaotic in Development

According to a report by Gamerant, a Twitter leaker started the tweet with the first line saying "Some people don't realize how chaotic the development is." Upon seeing this post, fans speculated that the next "Grand Theft Auto" title will be awful from its previous versions.

At the time of writing, we could determine if "people" pertains to the fans, developers, or even the company. One way or another, it could also mean the "chaotic" arrangement in features, schedules, and many more.

AccNGT also wrote in the second line that the development for "GTA 6" will be a disappointment for the fans. The insider clarified that it was not related to graphics or art style, but obviously, it could point out the in-game gameplays, mechanics, and other related stuff.

There are comments which mentioned that "Grand Theft Auto 6" could come out as "edgy" in the next few years, something that players are not expecting to happen in the future.

The last line that AccNGT posted was the rumored release date of "GTA 6" which could take place somewhere in this year or early 2022. He described it as something that we should worry about.

At this point, Rockstar has not yet unveiled its final plans for the launch of the next "GTA" title. However, as people read on several forums, it would still take many years before we get to see this sequel.

Besides AccNGT, another "GTA" leaker wrote last month that Rockstar launched a rebooted version of the game after the departure of its original writer Dan Houser. From then, no news confirmed if this is true or not.

'GTA 6' Graphics Sneak Peak

For PC and console users who are waiting for the arrival of "Grand Theft Auto 6," the first thing that you could think of is how it will look different from its predecessors.

According to a T3 reporter, these graphical enhancements can be achieved through deep learning super sampling (DLSS) and real-time ray tracing. He said that the previous RAGE graphics engine used in the older "GTA" titles was also applied to the "Red Dead Redemption 2."

The report showed that a YouTuber presented the capability of ray tracing to transform a bland video into an 8k clip. After the video, the results proved a stunning outcome for the said technology.

Needless to say, many fans have been expecting that "GTA 6" could at least allow a 4K 60 FPS on PC. If there's an added graphics card to the computer, it could run at 8K 120 FPS for more improved touches.

Back in June, Tech Times reported that a "GTA 6" rumor suggested that a female character will soon come somewhere between 2024 to 2025.

In connection to this, Rockstar has decided to temporarily pull out "GTA Trilogy" from PC. The developer announced that there would be a brief downtime for the game.

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