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EdisonFuture’s Tesla Cybertruck-Like Solar Pickup Unveils in LA Auto Show—Here’s What to Expect

EdisonFuture’s Tesla Cybertruck-Like Solar Pickup Unveils in LA Auto Show—Here’s What to Expect

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Posted: November 20, 2021

EdisonFuture's Tesla Cybertruck-like EV pickup concept is among the two trucks that the carmaker unveiled during the LA Auto Show this year.

EdisonFuture's Tesla Cybertruck-Like Solar Pickup

The EdisonFuture that goes by the name EF1-T is massive. Not to mention that it also looks similar to the upcoming pickup truck of Elon Musk's EV firm, the Cybertruck, as per the report by Electrek.

The news outlet further noted that although the said EV concept does not directly compete with Tesla's pickup, it could be an alternative for the buyers of the latter. That is if this concept ever makes it into production.

According to the news story by InsideEVs, its team has already learned about the plans regarding a Cybertruck-like EF1-T electric pickup since last month, or in October, to be exact.

This time around, the EV startup, which is owned by China-based SPI Energy, showcased its concept pick up to the public during the LA Auto Show.

EdisonFuture EF1-T

The EV startup further revealed that there will be three specifications for the EF1-T by the time it comes out, including the Super with tri-motor, the Premium sporting a dual-motor, and the Standard featuring a single motor.

In terms of range, the three variants of the electric pick up also perform at varying battery ranges, such as 300 miles for Standard, 380 miles of the Premium, and 450 miles for the top-of-the-like option.

On top of that, the EV company also boasted the performance of the varying variants.

To be precise, the base model showcased a 0-60 performance in just 6.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the mid-range option performs in 4.5 seconds, whereas the Super achieved it in just 3.9 seconds.

What's more, the towing capacity of the top-of-the-line model of the Cybertruck-like pickup did not disappoint with 11,000 lbs.

EF1-V Electric Delivery Van

Moving forward to the other EV offering from EdisonFuture, the EF1-V is a concept of an electric delivery van, which the firm touted as a "modern multi-purpose van."

The EV startup further noted that the concept electric van is not only for personal use. In fact, it could also be driven like a car for travel or work, albeit "varying road and environment conditions."

EdisonFuture Concept EVs

Nevertheless, all of the specs of the electric truck, as well as its design are still subject to change as EdisonFuture clarified that both EVs are still a mere concept.

As such, the startup firm noted that the production look and specs of the EF1-T will still depend on the demand from the consumers.

The infant automaker further revealed that it is aiming to release both the EF1-T pick and the EF1-V van to the market sometime in 2025.

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