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Eating Fruits, Veggies May Help Lower Risk of Dementia; Brain Health Better with Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Eating Fruits, Veggies May Help Lower Risk of Dementia; Brain Health Better with Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Categories: Health
Posted: November 18, 2021

A study has discovered that by simply eating fruits and vegetables, a person can be healthier and less likely to develop dementia, especially as it is a risk that most people would have to go through as they age. All aspects of a person will deteriorate over time, including skin, eyesight, motor functions, organs, and more, especially brain health. 

Eating Fruits and Vegetables May Help Lower Risk of Dementia

Yes, it is as simple as changing one's diet that a person can overturn their future into a risk-free one, especially in the brain's deterioration with the worst-case scenario of developing dementia. The American Academy of Neurology has published research regarding the effect of food to lower the risk of dementia, as people grow older. 

Time is a factor that cannot be changed in a person's life, but other aspects like food and mindset can be. 


The focus of this study is to determine if everyday foods and lacking healthy ones would affect brain health that could lead to future ailments or illnesses. The researchers have determined that it is indeed a massive change in the body, especially when dealing with organs that are highly affected by what a person puts inside their systems. 

Brain Health and Anti-Inflammatory Diet Correlation

The scientists said that an anti-inflammatory diet can help in contributing to better brain health in the long run, and this alone can help lower the risk of dementia and other illnesses that a person suffers from. It has been seen that it also lowers the risk of heart problems, as it focuses on natural foods that have low cholesterol, fat, sugar, and other contributors to bad health. 

Fruits and vegetables, along with a plant-based diet alternative can significantly boost a lot of functions in the human body. 

Technology and its Effect to Human Health

Technology is here to help the public with their needs on different aspects of life and this goes with diet and healthy living as well, where different products readily found on websites like Amazon and others assist here. Health is now highly related to technology, helping people determine the right lifestyle or wellness plan for them.

People look into exercising with different wearable techs like Fitbit and the Apple Watch to monitor their fitness and overall physical health that help keep a person well. However, not all aspects of wellness fall into exercising, as the body is a temple, and what people put inside it matters as well. 

Food plays a massive role in the health and wellness of a person and it has been proven throughout the years that it is what affects people the most in terms of health. It is important to have a balanced diet at the minimum, to give the body the right nutrients and other building blocks it needs to supply it with energy, sugar, and more for better functions of the different organs such as the brain. 

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