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CES 2022: Oral-B’s Smart Toothbrush IO-series Connects to an iPhone with Dental Health Coaching in Real-Time

CES 2022: Oral-B’s Smart Toothbrush IO-series Connects to an iPhone with Dental Health Coaching in Real-Time

Categories: Health
Posted: January 06, 2022

CES 2022 features a lot of innovations for different health tech focuses, one of which is Oral-B's latest array of smart toothbrushes under the "IO" series. The new offer now features a connectable iPhone app that can monitor dental health in real-time, coaching the users for best practices with its latest release of rechargeable devices.

CES 2022: Oral-B's IO Smart Toothbrush with iPhone App

Oral-B brought its next-generation smart toothbrush to CES 2022, and it focuses on the device that can clean and protect the teeth for better dental health care and longevity. There are three smart toothbrushes introduced in Oral-B's showcase, and it includes the iO10 that has a waitlist for the device, the iO4, and the iO5.

The iO10 smart toothbrush is the most expensive among its three releases, but it is also the company's top-of-the-line product. It retails for $299.99 in the United States, making one think twice about its purchase for a toothbrush.


However, Oral-B said it is for a person's dental health and the long run. It also comes with a readily usable iPhone app that can monitor oral care in real-time and bring different coaching methods to brush one's teeth properly.

Dental Health Monitoring and Other Features

Oral-B's iO series provides coaching and helps in monitoring one's dental health and knowing what exactly a person is doing to their teeth.

It also features different modes that one can choose from, focusing on the diverse needs of a person. It ranges from Daily Clean, Sensitive, Super Sensitive, Gum Care, Tongue Clean, Whitening, and Intense.

Dental Health in the Present Time

Dental health and care are always set aside over other health concerns, but it should not be the case.

One reason for the deterioration of health lies close to a person's oral state, and people usually sleep on it and disregard it.

During the pandemic, people were wary of their dental care checkups due to the threat of COVID-19, as transmission can occur when handling the mouth and saliva and physical contact. However, the NADG of the United States debunked this and urged people to visit their dentists still to protect their teeth and mouth.

Home remedies such as dental tools for DIYers can help, something offered by Luelli and other companies. Nevertheless, it is still important to consult doctors as they are experts and know better about their current health status, especially on their mouths.

Oral-B's dental health innovative solution is an excellent tool to have at home, especially as not everyone is familiar with the proper way to brush their teeth. Sometimes, brushing strokes and methods can harm more than protect or preserve.

Not only the teeth are the concern, but also the gums, nerves, and tissues that are close to the teeth to which one brushes over and damages in the long run. Smart toothbrushes are here to help avoid that for better dental health.

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