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CES 2022: How Smart Technology is Revolutionizing the Kitchen

CES 2022: How Smart Technology is Revolutionizing the Kitchen

Categories: Health
Posted: January 07, 2022

Cooking has become more and more taxing as times change. Thanks to generational gap as well as dietary requirements, traditional cooking has become quite difficult for certain individuals.

In line with this, tackled during the CES 2022, autonomous cooking aims to change the conventional way people cook.

The Importance of Technology When It Comes to the Kitchen

Pioneering the space comes with difficulties due to consumers having a hard time adapting to the technology. Robot cooking technology, however, has been able to revolutionize the industry and the gap can be closed through education.

The conversation brought light to how autonomous cooking can help users become more healthy due to its ability to take a look at the nutritional value. The main goal is to take a look at personalized data, digitize more, and see more personal cooking experiences capable of catering to the consumers' personal needs.

CES 2022 Discussion on the Autonomous Kitchen

A discussion was held with Robin Liss from Suvie, Khalid Aboujassoum from Else Labs, Michael Wolf from The Spoon, and Dr. Dochui Choi from Samsung Electronics Inc during CES 2022. The discussion tackled on how the future of autonomous cooking aims to tackle three different points.

  • Taste

  • Convenience

  • Health

Due to the growing risk profile, the conversation tackled how autonomous cooking can help decrease the total risk profile.

Aside from health concerns, Robin Liss noted that one problem people are having when it comes to cooking is the lack of knowledge for preparation and the means to do it quickly.

In addition, she noted that the job of tech companies is to be able to help provide both knowledge and technology in order to push healthy outcomes.

The Discussion as to the Quality of Food Autonomous Kitchens can Produce

Per Khalid Aboujassoum, autonomy helps double down when it comes to the quality of food, namely the timing of cooking, its temperature, and even the choice of cooking ingredients.

A discussion was held regarding the importance of the kitchen with the host noting that the kitchen is the "most expensive real estate" posing the question as to if the kitchen is replaceable. The answer, according to the discussion, is that it is possible but in the end, it is still the person's choice should they decide to have a kitchen or not.

Efficiency in Cooking Food with Smart Technology

As explained by Dr. Dochul Choi, some houses do not even have cooking equipment but still find ways to eat through ready-to-eat meals. With the different environment of houses and living spaces around the world, having an autonomous kitchen or technology to help the cooking process can be very beneficial.

Robin Liss also explained that the efficiency of food, which is a benefit of autonomous cooking, can also help prevent wastage and thus present a positive ecological impact.

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