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Candela Shows Off its Prototype Flying Electric Boat in Style

Candela Shows Off its Prototype Flying Electric Boat in Style

Categories: Electronics
Posted: February 17, 2022

The Swedish Candela, a boat company, showcases in a video released on Wednesday, Feb. 16, its extraordinary electric boat, the C-8, amid its maiden voyage. But, this isn't based on the open seas - the C-8 can actually fly.

Candela has been crafting ultra-sleek, incredibly silent, and immensely fast vessels utilizing a high-tech C-Pod motor alongside the C-Foil system for several years. The latter allows for the craft to boast hydrofoil capabilities, which Candela itself relays "uses design principles from the aviation industry."

Candela's C-8 specifically, which was only just announced last August, proves itself in speed on the waters, the air, and even the design block. With a little over a year in its production life cycle, the C-8 will already begin to see preliminary serial production following Wednesday's video. Even with the ongoing pandemic hampering supply lines and logistics, Candela hasn't slowed a bit and doesn't want to disappoint with this one.

As with presales, the C-8 is already a hot commodity, specifically in Europe. The C-8 has already outsold conventional combustion engine boats as of October 2021. Those 60 orders, which most likely have jumped in the time since that news, will have to be patient for another few months as Candela enters the C-8 into full-scale production.

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The C-8 is intended to literally lift off from the surface of the water utilizing its hydrofoil technology. At 16 knots, the speedboat will gradually rise up from the water line and keep itself adjusted per a sophisticated onboard computer that controls the boat's C-Foil system. In regards to actual speed, it can hit a clean 50 nautical miles thanks in part to its 67 hp C-Pod motor and the 44 kWh battery.According to Candela, the aforementioned battery remains "2-3 times longer than conventional electric speed boats with 300% bigger batteries." The hydrofoil lifting effect allows the C-8 for more wiggle room in terms of being silent and less rough on the waves, but it also limits the boat's overall energy requirement by 80%. At a whopping $329,000, the reduced energy consumption and money saved on gas is certainly worthwhile.

CEO of Candela, Gustav Hasselskog, relays his excitement and enthusiasm as the production of the C-8 takes shape:

"This successful first flight brings us one step closer to serial production. We'll now perform a rigorous flight test campaign to ensure the reliability and maturity. We're on track to deliver the first C-8 units this summer."

Candela, of course, isn't finished with the C-8. As shown in its ability to build upon the technology even more following the C-7 design, Candela now vies to be among the most audacious electric boat companies with a full passenger ferry and water taxis built upon similar hydrofoil technology.

In the eyes of Candela, Aquatic traversal doesn't need to be a hassle. By 2023, the company intends on having various P-30 Ferries in operation amidst the Region of Stockholm. It will be the world's first hydrofoil passenger vessel, proving once more that the e-boat world is only expanding well into the future.

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