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Best Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories In 2022

Best Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories In 2022

Categories: Electronics
Posted: January 29, 2022

Nintendo's newest Switch console--the OLED Model--is a superb handheld that combines a vibrant display with subtle changes to its shape and ergonomics. While most of the best Nintendo Switch accessories are compatible with the Switch OLED, some items like grips, cases, and screen protectors have OLED-specific models. We've rounded up the best Nintendo Switch OLED accessories available now. All of the essentials are here, from controllers and headsets to grips and carrying cases.

Best Switch OLED accessories

Satisfye's ZenGrip Pro OLED is the best grip you can buy for the Nintendo Switch OLED. If you find that the Switch is uncomfortable to hold, the ZenGrip adds more conventional handles to the console to produce a more ergonomic form factor. It has the same premium feel as Satisfye's previous grips, but it's compatible with both the Switch OLED and regular Switch. The Switch slides into the grip for a snug and secure fit. Though the Switch's kickstand is inaccessible while in the grip, it comes with a built-in stand. Keep in mind this isn't a dockable case, so you have to remove it each time you want to play on TV. That said, the grip's protective rubber tabs keep it from scratching the back of the console. You can buy the grip by itself for $30 or a bundle that comes with a special carrying case that's big enough for the Switch while it's in the grip.

Best Switch OLED Grip And Case

JETech Protective Shell

A protective case is an absolute necessity for a Switch console, and JETech's case is a sturdy piece of security that can embrace your handheld. It's made out of premium TPU and PC materials, the transparent design means that you can gaze at your new console in all its glory, and the frame has an ergonomic design factor that should make it comfortable to grip for marathon gaming sessions.

Best Switch OLED Screen Protector

iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With a high-quality OLED screen built into it, you're going to want to make certain that the new Switch display isn't exposed to dust, possible scratches, or greasy fingerprints. To help perish those thoughts, you can easily apply an iVoler tempered glass screen protector to your console. You'll still get the full visual experience and touchscreen functionality with this ultra-clear and ultra-thin slice of protection. Even better, you'll get four screen protectors in case one of them becomes damaged. Simply swap them out using the included install frame, and you're good to go.

Best Controller for Handheld Play

Hori Split Pad Pro

The Nintendo Switch may have made a name for itself as a hybrid home and handheld gaming console, but it's not exactly the most comfortable device to cradle during long sessions. That problem can fortunately be solved with the Hori Split Pad Pro, an ergonomic solution that replaces the regular Joy-Con controllers with a more familiar controller experience. Each of the controllers feature large grips, buttons, and conventional analog sticks. Plus, it has assignable rear triggers and turbo functionally.

Best Compact Carrying Case for Switch OLED

Orzly Carry Case

The Orzly carrying case does exactly what you expect it to, but it's designed for the OLED Switch and can also fit in extra Joy-Cons, cables, games, and other smaller but essential accessories in its upper section. It should be durable as well, as the hard EVA shell is complemented by soft materials on the inside that are designed to protect your Switch.

Best Carrying Case for Switch OLED

Tomtoc Carrying Case

Another carrying case option, the big difference with the Tomtoc version is an increase in storage space. It can easily fit either of the main Switch models inside of it and a Switch Pro controller. You can also throw up to 24 game cartridges inside. If your Switch is running low on power, you can charge it while you're playing using a built-in stand to prop your console up. All that, and some sturdy construction using a variety of durable materials.

Best Travel Case for Switch OLED

Heystop Travel Case

It might be the largest carrying case option on this list, but the Heystop Travel Case is a heavy-duty option that's designed to carry an entire gaming library. You fit your Switch, dock, cables, accessories, and games inside of the lightweight case. You can rest assured, as it's constructed from materials that are designed to offer protection from the outside world and any unfortunate mishaps.

Best Controller for Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo's official controller is a superb peripheral to have. The ergonomic design makes it far more comfortable to use than Joy-Cons, the design is attractively transparent, and it has a battery life that can survive several ice ages. Even better, you can use this controller on your PC as well, but for most Switch users who are looking for a familiar input experience, it's an essential extra to have.

Best Retro Controller For Switch OLED

8BitDo Pro 2

Retro games and titles inspired by the past form a large part of the Switch's library, and to get maximum nostalgia points, the 8BitDo Pro 2 is a great controller to have. Pulling a few design cues from the controllers of the past, this wireless peripheral still has some smart ergonomic design and is also compatible on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Not only is the D-pad located in a better spot than on the Switch Pro Controller, it has two programmable back triggers, which makes it quite versatile.

Best microSD Card for Switch OLED

SanDisk 256GB Ultra microSD

The Switch OLED Model has a healthy amount of internal storage space--64GB to be exact--but more is always better. SanDisk's 256GB Ultra microSD will give you a considerable upgrade to your Switch's storage capacity, and with it having a 120MB/s transfer speed rating, you'll be able to move data off and on to it, pretty quickly.

Best Gaming Headset for Switch OLED

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

If you're looking to close yourself off from the world around you while you play a game, then a headset is a must. SteelSeries has long been a go-to brand for a number of reasons. This particular headset checks off everything you could ask for from an audio device: it's decently priced, it has Bluetooth functionality, and it can pipe some superlative audio into your head. Plus, this is a universal headset, so you can use it with all of your devices.

Best Portable Battery for Switch OLED

Antank Attached Power Bank

For those occasions when you're desperate to finish a level but your battery is about to run out, a power bank can be a lifesaver. Antank's model is especially good, as not only does it keep the console lights on with its 10,000mAh rechargeable battery, it also clips onto the back of your Switch with a back mount clip. It can also recharge your Switch in around four hours, it has various electrical protections to prevent any damage from an unexpected surge, and its also compatible with a wide range of other devices thanks to its USB-C inputs.

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