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APPLE2022 OLED iPad Air CANCELLED — Not Coming Until 2024

APPLE2022 OLED iPad Air CANCELLED — Not Coming Until 2024

Categories: Electronics
Posted: September 30, 2021

Remember that report of an OLED iPad Air for 2022? Yep. F*ck all that, I guess.

The latest news today comes in two parts:

1. The Elec reports that the “joint project” between Apple and Samsung to develop a 10.86″ OLED iPad Air has been scrapped. It was originally scheduled for a launch sometime in 2022, but now that’s simply not happening.

“Apple and Samsung Display have canceled their joint project to develop a 10.86-inch OLED iPad, TheElec has learned.

The tablet was originally slated to launch in 2022 and would have been Cupertino’s first iPad to sport an OLED panel.”

– The Elec

2. Speaking with Apple blog iMore, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young — who currently sports an accuracy rating of 100% on AppleTrack — adds his information to the mix:

“According to Young, the main reason for the scrapping of the tablet is Apple preferring to wait for LG Display to catch up so it had multiple sources for OLED displays. Young told us they expect production on an OLED iPad will begin in 2023, but won’t be launched until 2024, as published in DSCC’s Future of OLED Manufacturing report. Young and DSCC expect two OLED iPads in 2024 in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes, and possibly a mini-LED 11-inch iPad Pro in the meantime.”

– iMore / Ross Young

Though Ross believes that production for OLED iPads will begin in 2023, he doesn’t expect an actual market launch for any of those products until at least 2024. That’s a long way out — especially for iPad Air. I can only hope that we see an update to the iPad Air sooner than 2024, even if it drops without an OLED display.

If you’re looking for reasoning behind the project being canned, The Elec claims that it’s due to profitability issues.

Apparently, Apple opted to go with a two-stack OLED structure that would enable more brightness (double) and extend the life of the OLED panel. Samsung, on the other hand, wanted to stick with a single-stack option purely based on profitability concerns.

“Profitability is an issue for Samsung Display. Unless the company can be certain that the 10.86-inch OLED iPad will be sold for a long time, preparing for the back-end module process for the products can be costly for the South Korean company.”

– The Elec

The result of the bickering? Well, it seems Apple has decided to drop Samsung as the supplier for the project altogether. Looks like they’d rather stick to their two-stack OLED structure plan and find someone else who will make it form them.

Either way… RIP 2022 OLED iPad Air

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