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Apple Watch Series 7 tidbits size and weight, fast charging, more

Apple Watch Series 7 tidbits size and weight, fast charging, more

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Posted: October 09, 2021

While Apple left a lot unknown in the lead-up to Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders opening this morning, it has now published its usual in-depth details on the new wearables. New tech spec and comparison pages on Apple’s website offer a closer look at the Series 7 and its differences (and similarities) when compared to the Series 6.

Table of contents

  • Size and weight
  • Same health sensors
  • Durability
  • Display details
  • Faster charging
  • Wrap-up

Size and weight

First off, Apple has confirmed the size and weight of the Apple Watch Series 7, which had been a common question, given the larger 41mm/45mm sizing. Here’s how the weight specifications break down by model this year.


  • Aluminum: 32 grams (Up from 30.5g)
  • Stainless steel: 42.3 grams (Up from 39.7g)
  • Titanium: 37 grams (Up from 34.6g)


  • Aluminum: 38.8 grams (Up from 36.5g)
  • Stainless steel: 51.5 grams (Up from 47.1g)
  • Titanium: 45.1 grams (Up from 41.3g)

So as you can see, the Apple Watch Series 7 is slightly heavier than the Series 6 across all configurations and materials. This is unsurprising, given the larger display.

In terms of thickness, the Apple Watch Series 7 is identical to its predecessor, with the new 41mm measuring in at 10.7mm thick and the 45mm model measuring 10.7mm thick.

Same health sensors

The Apple Watch Series 7 does indeed feature all of the same health sensors as its predecessor. Just like the Apple Watch Series 7, the new Series 6 features a blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart sensor, and third-generation optical sensors.

Reports have said that Apple continues to work on new health technology for the Apple Watch, as well as improvements to existing features, but none of those have manifested in this year’s Series 7.


Apple touts that the Apple Watch Series 7 is more durable than the Series 6 with the “most crack-resistant front crystal” ever used in the Apple Watch. The new Series 7 is also IP6X dustproof (unlike the Series 6) and water resistant at up to 50 meters (the same as the Series 6).

Display details

The biggest selling point of the Apple Watch is the new display. Here are the full measurements.

45mm Series 7

  • 396 by 484 pixels
  • 1143 sq mm display area

44mm Series 6:

  • 368 by 448 pixels 
  • 977 sq mm display area

41mm Series 7:

  • 352 by 430 pixels
  • 904 sq mm display area

40mm Series 6:

  • 324 by 394 pixels 
  • 759 sq mm display area

Faster charging

Apple says that the Series 7 charges up to 33% faster than the Series 6, and that eight minutes of charging can give you enough battery for eight hours of sleep tracking.

In the box with your Apple Watch Series 7, you’ll get a new USB-C charging cable capable of fast charging, but you’ll need to supply your own charging brick. Apple says that its charging stats are based on tests conducted with an 18W | 20W USB-C charger


If you’re thinking that the Apple Watch Series 7 sounds, well, pretty similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, you’re not wrong. In fact, Apple’s full comparison tool for the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t even allow you to compare the Series 7 directly to the Series 6.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $399 for the entry-level 41mm aluminum model with GPS connectivity. The first orders will arrive in one week, on Friday, October 15. 

If you’re looking for the full details on what’s new with the Apple Watch Series 7, and how it compares to its predecessors, check out our in-depth comparison.

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