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Apple to Add Feature That Will Let Users Know Which Parts Were Replaced on Their iPhone

Apple to Add Feature That Will Let Users Know Which Parts Were Replaced on Their iPhone

Categories: Technology
Posted: December 10, 2021

Apple will add a new feature to all its iPhone models to inform users if the smartphone was previously repaired or if a battery or screen was used.

Apple's New iPhone Update

According to 9to5Mac, the new parts and service history feature will appear under the phone's Settings. Just select General, and go to About.

This will roll out in the upcoming iOS 15.2 update for iPhone, and it will provide insight and peace of mind for those who bought refurbished or used smartphones.


The new update is connected to the past feature that can tell if an iPhone battery or iPhone screen was not the original one. The update will add everything in one place. It will even include a date on when the replacement was done, according to The Verge.

Since the release of the iPhone 11, Apple began including a warning when an aftermarket screen was installed. Now, iPhones as old as XR models can warn the users if the battery is not the original one, while iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 can alert the users if the camera is replaced.

The earlier versions of iOS on the iPhone 13 had planned to make repairs more complicated. It wanted to require microsoldering to prevent a warning label and prevent deactivated Face ID sensors on iPhones.

The iOS 15.2 updates the whole process so that repairs by users can be allowed and third-party shops can make replacements without any difficulty.

Purchasing and selling used iPhones is a massive market. However, ​it can be dangerous not to know if a device will have a low-quality battery that might overheat or a screen with terrible colors because it is not the original iPhone OLED screen.

This could happen if a repair was done by a third-party shop that is not in the independent repair program of Apple.

With Apple's Self Service Repair on the way, customers will be able to get genuine parts, and they can repair their iPhones at home.

The tech giant supports this service, so newer iPhones with iOS 15.2 and are repaired through self-service will let users know if any repair or replacement was done.

Trading in or reselling iPhones might become more difficult if aftermarket parts were used. Companies and independent buyers will now have the chance to quote lower values if a repair on an iPhone is seen. This may lead to unwanted situations, especially if the iPhone needs to be sent in for inspection to confirm a trade-in value.

AppleCare Services

According to MacRumors, the tech giant will begin offering customers another chance to purchase the AppleCare+ repair and warranty plan for the iPhones. 

Normally, Apple gives its customers 60 days to buy AppleCare+ after purchasing an Apple product like Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Customers who have had their iPhones for less than 12 months and have recently had their iPhone repaired by Apple or an Authorized Service Provider will be eligible to get AppleCare+ for their devices.

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