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Apple releases second beta firmware for AirPods Pro with Conversation Boost

Apple releases second beta firmware for AirPods Pro with Conversation Boost

Categories: Technology
Posted: August 05, 2021

Apple this year announced for the first time that AirPods users would be able to install beta firmware on their earphones to try out new features before the official release this fall. While the first beta released in July added Spatial Audio for FaceTime calls and Ambient Noise Reduction, today’s firmware enables Conversation Boost on AirPods Pro.

As noted by a user on Reddit, the latest AirPods Pro beta firmware is version 4A362b. While Apple doesn’t provide release notes to highlight what’s new with this update, users have mentioned that it adds Conversation Boost.

For those unfamiliar, Conversation Boost amplifies the voice of a person talking in front of you by using beam-forming microphones. Apple says the feature is primarily designed for people who have mild hearing problems, which results in difficulties in hearing others without the use of dedicated devices.

Of course, everyone can use this feature to talk with other people without having to take the AirPods off the ear. As this is an accessibility option, it can be enabled or disabled in the Accessibility menu within the iOS Settings app.

The prerequisites for running the AirPods Pro beta include a Mac running the Xcode 13 beta, an iPhone running the iOS 15 beta 15, and a set of fully charged AirPods Pro. These features are not available for regular AirPods or AirPods Max.

Apple also announced that users will be able to track each AirPod through the Find My app, just like an AirTag. However, this option has yet to be enabled.

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