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Apple Patent Could Bring a New Products with Glass Enclosure | iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac Pro

Apple Patent Could Bring a New Products with Glass Enclosure | iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac Pro

Categories: Technology
Posted: November 21, 2021

A newly discovered Apple patent could bring Apple products with a glass enclosure. The latest patent described an all-glass enclosure for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and the octagon prism-shaped Mac Pro.

New Apple Patent Reveals 'Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure'

The patent was first spotted by Patently Apple, a publication that saw other major Apple granted patents. The most recent patent was titled an "Electronic device with glass enclosure" that focuses on proprietary Apple electronic devices with glass enclosures ranging from the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

The latest Apple innovation envelopes particular electronic devices that now look to include an iPhone, with a six-sided glass enclosure around the whole device. The abstract breaks down a lot of general terms as per 9to5Mac.

Successful Patent of the 'Glass Box'

As pointed out, Apple has successfully patented a "glass box." The patent describes an electronic device, including a six-sided glass enclosure that defines an interior volume with a first glass member and another glass member, according to the story by FrontPageTech.

The first glass member refers to a portion of the major sides of the patented six-sided glass enclosure, including a portion of the peripheral side having its "first thickness" and another region located at the peripheral side having a "second thickness." The electronic device also includes a touchscreen display along with interior volume. It is positioned adjacent to at least a portion of the six-sided glass enclosure, according to the abstract released by Apple.

Other Features Included in the Patent

Patently Apple says the device could have a force-sensing system configured. Although physical distinctions between the surface can help define and differentiate functionally different areas of the device, an enclosure with multiple glass sides could help erase or blend in these distinctions between different surfaces of the device.

Apple's patent also tackles the strength of future glass, with the company saying that a lot of different kinds of electronic devices could be subject to drops, impacts, and some other potentially damaging instances. Apple's patent also states that enclosures can be configured with variable thickness walls to increase durability, strength, crack resistance, and other physical properties.

Futuristic All-Glass iPhone 'Single Slab of Glass'

Variable thickness walls can also help produce different regions that all have different flexibility or stiffnesses intended for user-interface purposes. 9to5Mac notes that Jony Ive, the Chief Design Officer at Apple since 2015, has been talking about a futuristic all-glass iPhone, calling it a "single slab of glass.

The company has officially been granted a patent for the potential design with a glass Mac Pro tower and a glass Apple Watch. Despite already being a patent, Apple still has a number of patents that were not actualized, so it is important to take this information with a grain of salt.

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