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Apple iPad Air 5 Rumored to Launch in Early 2022  A15 Chip and 5G

Apple iPad Air 5 Rumored to Launch in Early 2022 A15 Chip and 5G

Categories: Electronics
Posted: January 17, 2022

The Apple iPad Air 5 is rumored to launch some time early this year and some of its most notable features are the use of the A15 chip and 5G. Specifically, rumors are saying that it can launch along with Apple's 3rd gen iPhone SE in March or April.

Rumors of Apple's 5th Gen iPad Air 5 Launch

Per the claims of  Mac Otakara, a Japanese tech blog, both the 5th gen iPad Air and iPhone SE 3 will be launching during the "spring of 2022," according to a "reliable source" from China. Spring 2022 takes place from March and May.

The latest rumor is now claiming that the overall design of the previous 2020 iPad Air 4 will still be retained but will now include single-lens primary camera, squared edges, and a 10.9-inch display. The internal specs, however, will be due for an upgrade. This upgrade is said to include the A15 Bionic chipset used in the iPhone 13 range, 5G support, and 12MP ultrawide front-facing camera.


iPad Air 5 Rumored Specs

According to the story by TechRadar, last year saw Apple introduce its very own Nw iPad 10.2 and M1-toting iPad Pro 11, along with the larger iPad Pro 12.9. In addition, the company even launched its very own 6th gen iPad mini to replace the previous 2019 model.

Given the other models in the iPad lineup, it can be assumed that the 2020 iPad Air 4 is now due for a successor. It should be noted, however, that the information about the upcoming launch are just rumors and are still not official so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

Five iPad Product Choices

With no less than five different iPad products that can be chosen from, all of them come with a number of different configuration options. It looks like Apple is now trying to offer its audience with different choices.

The cheapest option, however, does not have to be the smallest screen, which also happens to be the thinnest option for the most compact device. The power of every iPad does not really correlate entirely with its price. 

This is why it is important to pick certain suitable traits when purchasing one for use.

iPad Air vs iPad Pro 11

The fifth iteration of the current iPad Air could also bring some balance to the equation by matching the pricing a little bit more directly towards the chipset being used. Should the rumors be true, however, it will essentially become positioned as a less powerful iPad Pro 11. 

According to the article by TechRadar, whether or not buyers need the immense array of options is most likely to be answered by Apple's market research. This market research by the tech giant is expected to be rather exhaustive.

Regardless, it is quite clear as of press time that the "Air" suffix is no longer denoted as the thinnest and lightest model but rather as a sort of "Pro-but-not-too-Pro" model, according to the report byTechradar.

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