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Apple celebrates NBA’s 75th anniversary with special edition Beats Powerbeats Pro

Apple celebrates NBA’s 75th anniversary with special edition Beats Powerbeats Pro

Categories: Electronics
Posted: February 18, 2022

Apple’s Beats brand is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NBA with a special edition pair of Powerbeats Pro. Designed in collaboration with the Canadian-based brand and retailer Better, these Powerbeats Pro feature red and blue ear tips with an NBA logo on the side.

The NBA x Better Powerbeats Pro were announced by Beats today. The design is meant to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the NBA, which is being celebrated through the 2021-2022 season.

The latest collaboration between Beats and the NBA brings a mix of nostalgia and everlasting quality with Canadian based brand and retailer Better™ Gift Shop to create a special edition set of Powerbeats Pro.

The NBA edition Powerbeats Pro feature NBA and Better logos on either earbud, with a white/cream design. You also get special red and blue ear tips here as well.

Powerbeats Pro were first released in May of 2019 with a fitness-focused design. Despite coming up on their third year on the market, the Powerbeats Pro have remained a popular option. Beats has also expanded its lineup since then with additional options like the Beats Studio Buds and Beats Fit Pro.

The new Powerbeats Pro design will be available from the Beats website on February 19 at 9am PT via the Beats website. While you can find normal Powerbeats Pro regularly on sale for under $200, this limited edition NBA design will retail for $249.

It’s hard to recommend spending $249 on Powerbeats Pro when they are nearly three years old. Regardless, if you’re a big NBA fan, these are a fun way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the league. Will you be picking them up? Let us know down in the comments!

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