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Alienware 14-Inch X14 Gaming Laptop Releases | Upcoming QD OLED Monitor Price Unveiled

Alienware 14-Inch X14 Gaming Laptop Releases | Upcoming QD OLED Monitor Price Unveiled

Categories: Electronics
Posted: February 17, 2022

Alienware's 14-inch X14 gaming laptop has finally been released after it was initially announced during the CES 2022 event last January.

On top of that, the gaming firm also unveiled the pricing for its upcoming QD OLED monitor--but more on that later.

Alienware 14-Inch X14 Gaming Laptop Specs

As per a news story by AniNews, citing the latest report from The Verge, the new 14-inch gaming laptop from Alienware is both thinner and smaller in size when compared to its siblings, the X17 and the X15.

However, despite the relatively smaller body and sleeker thin design, the X14 still carries some of the notable features that its bigger counterparts readily flaunt.

The 14-inch X14 gaming laptop carries a powerful 14 core Intel Core i7 processor, along with the RTX 3060 graphics card of Nvidia.

When it comes to its storage, the Alienware X14 did not skimp on it as well, sporting up to 2TB of SSD storage, along with 32 GB of RAM.

Alienware 14-Inch X14 Price: How Much Is it?

With the impressive specs of the next-gen Alienware gaming machine, it comes along with a hefty price tag to the tune of $2,299.

However, if you are short on budget, Alienware is also releasing a low-end version of the gaming laptop without the Nvidia RTX 3060, which costs $1,649.

But the significant discount comes with a massive compromise in the storage of the gaming machine. It only features up to 512 SSD storage, along with 16 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, it still boasts an Intel Core i7 and an RTX 3050 graphics card.

Alienware QD-OLED Monitor Price Tag

According to a separate report from The Verge, Alienware is also releasing its first-ever gaming laptop that sports the Quantum Dot OLED panel of the South Korean tech firm Samsung.

Alienware also confirmed that the 34-inch QD OLED gaming monitor is releasing sometime this Spring season.

The gaming subsidiary of Dell previously debuted the next-game gaming display last January during the CES 2022 event.

Now, Alienware has confirmed its price ahead of its official release, revealing that it could cost a whopping $1,299.

The Verge added that the upcoming QD OLED of Alienware is notably cheaper than other counterparts like the 32-inch Ultrafine UHD OLED of LG, which sells for $3,999.

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